Shifting Ground and Sky

23 Feb 2018
texture / place / detail

Entry vignette - separating horizon, ground, and sky

Entry Section

Light Aperture - East Facade

Boa Nova Teahouse (1956)
Alvaro Siza 
Porto, Portugal

to split ground and sky
separate sky and ground from the bounds of the horizon
detail reminders of place

texture - flat white voids emphasizes shadows and imperfections of landscape textures

(exterior) orthogonal white walls contrast jagged boulders, marking and submitting to their location. Bright white and dark shadows lead the visitor into the shaded entry with a wave-like overhang.

(interior) white painted walls are warmed by wood trim, vertically oriented, horizontally emphasized. Wood panel (wood type?) holds view, ground and ceiling surface.

detail - edges of space marked by extensions of wood panelling, reflecting imperfect edges of the site.


2017 SOM PRIZE | copyright Zachary Wignall 2018