Dwelling for Dreams

27 Jan 2017

“The fact that the modernist idiom has not generally been able to penetrate the surface of popular taste and values seems to be due to its one-sided intellectual and visual emphasis; modernist design at large has housed the intellect and the eye, but has left the body and the other senses, as well as our memories, imagination, and dreams, homeless.”1

Located in (siteless), a low slope hillside descends into a valley. The body moves horizontally along a wall towards an opening beyond. A break, grain shift, and compression provide an entrance into the dream archive. A grid of empty vessels hold memories and shape diffused light. Above the entry are light wells that bring light from sunrise and sunset. Terminating the horizontal procession is a bed. Textured stone tires the eye into sleep.


1. Pallasmaa, Juhani. The Eyes of The Skin: Architecture and the Senses (Great Britian: Wiley-Academy, 2005). 19.


2017 SOM PRIZE | copyright Zachary Wignall 2018