Artist and Architect in Seattle, Washington.

My work explores the interaction between phenomena and physical space. Through observations of repetition, material layers, texture, and time, each piece invites a viewer to examine subtle aspects of the space they occupy and offers a moment of contrast to measure against. The subtleties have an immediate engagement with the body, invoking memory, emotion, and visceral sensation

With this study of interactions between conditions - I am interested in how various qualities of light, texture, form, and transparency coalesce to provide multiple readings within a static work. Formally, the work could be described as minimal and abstract. However, my intent is to create compositions that allow a viewer to continually re-recognize the subtleties of their space. My most recent series involves stretching various types of translucent fabrics over a wood frame to intentionally allow a reading between layers. Textural fields are organized between a reference grid to understand how the fields can shift, duplicate, stretch, and bend on to adjacent surfaces within the work. Understanding the work through subtle phenomena creates a piece that communicates with the human body.

I view my process not just from start to finish of a singular piece, but rather the reading between multiple pieces in a larger body of work. The work as an object is not sacred, but rather an iterative refinement of subtle qualities. The goal: develop a slow reading of the work to understand the subtle interactions between work and atmosphere.


AUG 2021 - SEP 2021
Media / Method
Solo Show
AUG 2022 - OCT 2022
Process in Progress   
ROOT, Seattle WA
Solo Show
JUNE 2023 - SEP 2023                                       GRID / CLOUD   
                         ROOT, Seattle WA                                                                        Solo Show